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Service first

Want to find out more about timez® and all of its functions? Then you have come to the right place.

timez® is a real all-rounder: from holiday planning and overtime recording to the joint processing of projects in the team, project time recording and the recording and documentation of the project status.

Always on your side

Of course, we are there for you personally if you have any questions. Simply contact us via the contact link at the bottom of our app.

Questions outside our business hours? You can find initial answers in our FAQ section and in the demo videos.

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What does web-based mean?

timez® offers you the possibility to start directly after registration. No need to install software. Simply start your web browser and log in.


Which browsers does timez® support?

timez® supports the current browser versions:


  • Chrome (ab v57)
  • Edge (ab v40)
  • Safari (ab v10)
  • Mobile Safari (ab v10)
  • Firefox (ab v52)
  • Opera (ab v44)

Does timez® support mobile devices?

To make it easy to work with timez® anytime and anywhere, timez® supports Android, iPhone, iPad and tablets.

Simply download the app from the store or start the URL in the web browser.

Which languages are supported by timez®?

timez® is currently available in german and english. If you are missing a language, please contact us.

Can I use timez® offline?

Once you have installed the app, you can use it at any time, even offline. Just imagine: even when using timez® via the web browser, your data is saved if you are offline. It will be automatically imported the next time you dial into the network.

Are there export functions for my data in timez®?

You can export User reports, Project reports for yourself or for your customers, your own work times as CSV or PDF formats.

Where is my data hosted?

Your data security is very important to us. We at timez® attach great importance to ensuring that your data is hosted in Germany and complies with GDPR regulations. To ensure that the data is also secure, we have three server locations in Germany. This is how we guarantee optimal security for your data.

By the way: timez® is certified as “Software Hosted in Germany” by the Federal Association BITMi

What happens if I decide to sign up for timez® during my trial period?

Either way: timez® is free for 30 days! Even if you decide to work with timez® permanently before the end of the trial phase. The contract does not start until the 30-day trial phase has expired.

Can I connect timez® with other applications?

Of course, API interfaces are also possible with timez®. Whether Datev, Sage, Lexoffice, SAP or any other application. Simply contact our support to create an individual offer for you.

What does “working in real time” mean?

It means one thing above all: comfort. Working in real time is a great advantage, especially when collaborating with other project or team members. Immediately after input, everyone is up to date. Your information is directly updated and visible on all devices. This avoids overlaps and gaps in data entry.

11. Which functions are included in the price of timez®?

We keep it simple: all of the functions are included in the price of timez®. From time recording, holiday planning and sickness notification to detailed project management and the evaluation of costs and resources for individual projects. timez® is an all-in-one tool. Everything, always and everywhere in real time, at an unbeatable price.

Can I remove, add or change users at any time?

You can remove, add or change users at any time. Please note: unused users will only affect your costs after the contract period has expired. Therefore, we recommend changing users should only be done when the sum of active users change.

Will there be any further costs for me?

We at timez® are transparent, open and honest. That’s why there are no hidden costs with us. You pay the monthly price and thus receive all functions without further service or set-up fees.

Can I cancel timez® at any time?

You can cancel timez® at any time. Even though we would regret this. Please note that although termination is possible at any time, the contract will continue until the end of the contract period.

What happens at the end of the contract period, is the contract automatically extended?

At the end of the contract period, the contract is automatically extended by the booked term. Here we also keep it simple to make working with timez® as easy as possible for you.

Where was the software developed and who takes care of updates?

Our software was developed in Germany and is constant further development. A team of eight developers works continuously to make timez® even more valuable for your everyday work with each passing day. “Made in Germany”.

Who can I get in contact with if I have any queries?

If you have any questions about timez®, you can reach us at: or of course at We guarantee a feedback within a few hours.

Can I also use project management directly in addition to time recording?

This is one of the absolute added values of timez®. You can use all functions directly and fully. Always and everywhere, in real time.

Are there different packages with timez®?

No. There are no different packages with timez®. Our app is designed so that all sectors can work with it without restrictions. Whether time recording or project management, holiday planning or budget control. All functionalities can be used by everyone. Without restrictions, without additional costs, always and everywhere.

Are there special solutions for larger companies or companies with special requirements?

There are special solutions for companies that have to meet special standards or requirements. These are as individual as your requirements themselves. Therefore, simply contact us and let us know how we can support you in using timez® individually.

What payment options does timez® offer me?

We offer various payment options because we want to make it as easy as possible for you. You can choose from: Payment by credit card, payment by SEPA-Direct-Debit (for annual statements only), also by invoice – but in advance for the entire period.

Unbeatable prices

All Functions, one price

Yearly accounting
3,69/monthly per User
  • all functions inclusive
  • Amount 17,5%
  • Prices excl. taxes
  • 25GB Storage Space per company*
  • E-Mail Support inclusive
Monthly accounting
3,99/monthly per User
  • all Functions inclusive
  • Prices excl. taxes
  • 25GB Storage Space per company*
  • E-Mail Support inclusive

* more Storage Space can be added