We are timez®

The idea, the team, the company

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The idea: to optimize the recording of working time.

timez® the smart way to record time.

Everywhere and anywhere. Access your data simultaneously and in real time via several end-devices. Furthermore, to make it possible to work on projects together as a team and keep an eye on everything at the same time.

Our main goal: Offering all functions for an attractive price so that every company in any industry can record working hours in compliance with the law and to have all data hosted securely in a certified Data Center in Germany and being GDPR compliant.

That was and is the idea behind timez®.

 The product for digital time recording – timez®, our Hero!

timez® is a product of GTSOL GmbH and was launched in the German-speaking region (D/A/CH) in 2021. The time recording and project management app is cloud-based, and hosted in Germany. You can use the app or website immediately after registration either via the website or via app.

The very easy to use and intuitive operation enables small and medium-sized companies to digitally record the working hours of their employees cost-effectively, securely and in compliance with the law.

Furthermore timez® offers you the ability to work decentralized but store your data in a central place. Manage your projects and keep Todo’s and costs in track.

This saves additional resources and timez® becomes a tool for time recording and time saving, if used appropriately.


The team behind timez®

Fronted Backend Developer – Marketing- Management – Many experts, many challenges, one goal: to offer the best product for time recording and project management at the best possible price.
He is passionate about desktop and web apps and their development. The challenge of solving complex problems and seeing a great result drives him.

The biggest challenge at timez®: choosing the best design framework to make timez® what it is today. Unique!

He is a full-stack developer with experience in developing web applications in various technologies. Annop works as a front-end developer on timez®.

The biggest challenge with timez®: finding a way to structure the content and think from the user’s perspective with many different angles.

His motto in life is: “There are no problems, only challenges!” and he makes this motto his everyday life. Because programming has always been his passion.

The biggest challenge at timez®: to harmonise frontend and backend in such a way that this also works in real time application with continuity.

Crispin is passionate about software development, technologies and their applications. Seeing how they can positively change people’s personal or professional lives and work inspires him.

The biggest challenge with timez®: to design the functionalities in such a way that a simple and intuitive user interface comes to life that is also fun to use on a daily basis.

With over 20 years of experience in marketing and communication, she is the perfect complement to Sonja. She has her passion in strategy and conception and loves to put everything into words.

The biggest challenge at timez®: to develop the product timez® into a brand with awareness and the right values that arouse interest and make people want to work with timez® day by day.

As an IT business professional with over 30 years of experience, he has learned that structures, processes and workflows are the biggest challenges in companies. This insight has given rise to timez®.

The biggest challenge at timez®: putting together the best team and setting it up in such a way that the best product comes out of it.

She gives timez® the Look and Feel. With her years of experience in building brands and marketing products online, she knows her stuff. Branding in particular is her hobbyhorse.

The biggest challenge at timez®: to create holistic brand awareness for the technical product timez® with creativity and conceptual thinking.

He has always wanted to develop tools and applications that make people’s lives easier. For him, there are no problems, only solutions.

The biggest challenge at timez®: As a young front-end developer, to grow with the team and the experience and thereby become an efficient developer.

The company behind timez® – GTSOL GmbH

GTSOL GmbH, based in Erlensee (near Hanau) in Hesse, was founded in 2004 by Managing Director Martin Mir and currently employs 12 people. In addition to the product timez®, the IT service provider offers Managed Services, Cloud Services, Software Services and IT Support ranging from the development of IT components, software and app development to email archiving and the implementation of online backups.

Software Hosted in Germany

We are very proud to have received this award, it confirms our claim that your data is hosted GDPR-compliant at all times. We respect your privacy as if it were are own.

As a competent IT partner, GTSOL GmbH has many years of comprehensive experience in the IT landscape and knows how important it is to keep data secure and compliant with data protection regulations. Therefore, the company exclusively uses server locations within Germany – for its customers as well as for its own products and IT services.